The Smells of Spring

May 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

I think my favorite springtime flower has to be Lily of the Valley. It was my grandmother’s favorite too. How those tiny little white flowers send out such a strong, heavenly fragrance amazes me every spring. When they bloom I bring in little bouquets and put them everywhere in the house, with a big bouquet right by my bedside. I go to sleep to their aroma and sometimes when I wake in the night they’re right there to put me back to sleep.

I have to have these smells around me. Walking through the garden, pulling up a weed here and there, I always find myself heading over to the Viburnum bush, Korean Spice to be precise. I stick my nose into the cluster of small flowers, close my eyes and breathe the fragrance in slowly. I decide I must go out and buy another. So I went out yesterday and found one, not quite sure where to put it, but I’ll find a spot somewhere.

The Lilacs are almost ready to open now, just in time, for the Lily of the Valley and Viburnum are starting to wane. Everyone knows the lovely scent of Lilacs I’m sure, in fact I’ve heard that on old farms Lilacs were always planted near the garbage dump to mask the smell. One thing to remember when cutting Lilacs or anything with woody stems, smash the bottom of the stem so it can absorb water better. Otherwise they’ll wilt pretty fast.

After the Lilacs come the Peonies. Another divine fragrance.

And then the Roses….


So there’s my explanation why I keep buying more and more flowering plants!

Have to find a spot for the Viburnum now. I may have to dig a whole new bed. Sorry Kevin.


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