Hello Autumn

September 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

Autumn is officially here in Vermont. We had a light frost last night, and now I have to keep an eye on the weather report or I’ll have to say goodbye to my beautiful dahlias. Some are just opening and I’ll have to go out in the early evening with my old sheets to drape them….isn’t it beautiful?

The sunflowers are going gangbusters. I have one that has dozens of blooms and dozens more that won’t make it this year. Sunflowers in every room!

I’ve started cleaning up the garden a little bit, taking out the spent cucumbers and tomato plants. The gourds I planted, only 2 of them, have completely taken over one side of the garden. There are gourds everywhere. I planted them along side the chicken coop too and they’ve covered the fence and grown over into the other side.

When I cut down the comfrey plants, I found a nest with a small fragment of an eggshell still in it. Think it might be a catbird nest but I’m not sure. The nest opening is about 4″ across and the egg is a specked brown. Anyone know? I had a lot of catbirds in and around the garden this year so I’m guessing.

Another nest and little piece of nature…

This small nest, sparrow I think, is lined with dog hair, and the eggshell is from a robin’s nest.

Blue jay feather I found and painted…

So once the garden is cleaned up a bit I’ll let the chickens into it for awhile. Then I have a big project ahead: moving the compost pile and the raspberry patch. Both are too close to the garden and have become a chipmunk den. They were taking bites out of the vegetables all summer and I had no choice but to get the best chipmunk exterminator there is:

My new kitty, Josie. Working good so far!


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§ 2 Responses to Hello Autumn

  • loxmee says:

    Agi! Your home and gardens always look magical, and every plant seems to just thrive for you! My autumn came earlier (of course, Alaska), so am needing to put my garden to bed too. I created raised “sheet mulch” beds (layers of leaves, manure, compost scraps and straw) and was thinking of cutting the down this years spent plants ( tomatoes etc.) and just leaving them there in he bed and then building the beds higher on top of them. What do you think? Any reason this might be bad?

  • Agi Behan says:

    Hi Jen,Thanks for the kind words about my garden! I can assure you that there are so many things that need improvement! On the question about leaving the spent plants in the garden: I think that might not be a good idea only because it can create a place for varmints (yk, mice and critters) to move in….those stalks take a very long time to break down. Unlike compost, leaves, etc. which are more compacted, stalks leave gaps which are ideal nesting places for mousey’s…..better to move them to a separate spot far from the garden.

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