Double Strawberry Farmhouse Cake

July 4, 2013 § 1 Comment


So it’s a hot, humid July day and the power goes out. No wind, no rain, just all of a sudden. Can’t go online, can’t garden it’s so hot. So what do I decide to do? Bake a cake of course. All you food lovers understand this I’m sure.

I have what I call my summer oven, a second small gas oven which I use when it’s really hot or the power goes out. Usually that’s in the middle of a snowstorm. But occasionally we lose power in the middle of the summer, and usually during a heat wave (of course). My regular oven has an electric ignition so it’s useless in times like these.

I had planned on baking something with the quart of beautiful organic strawberries I bought from Walker Farm, my favorite place for organic fruit and vegetables. Right now is strawberry season, and it doesn’t last long either, so I’ll make special trips to pick some up. They are so good that I decided to make a double strawberry cake, berries in the batter and on top.


No electric mixer this time, I just used a whisk. A little harder but good for the biceps.


1 1/2 cups flour, I used white spelt

2 tsp baking powder

1.2 tsp salt

2 eggs

1/2 cup sugar, organic if possible

1/2 cup buttermilk ( see below)

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

6 TBL unsalted butter, melted

1 1/2 cups sliced strawberries for batter

lemon zest

heavy cream for whipping

extra strawberries for top

First off, slice up some strawberries and sprinkle with sugar. You can make enough for just a slice or more for the whole cake. Let it sit while you do everything else. This brings out the juices in the berries which you will then pour over the cake. I’m not a big sugar fan as you may know, but sometimes you just have to use the stuff. Honey won’t do.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter a 9 in cake pan.

Mix together flour, baking powder and salt.

With a large whisk, beat the eggs and sugar together until light and frothy.

Add the flour mixture to this, give it a stir, then add the buttermilk, vanilla, and melted butter. Whisk all together until blended.

Fold in the 1 1/2 cups strawberries and zest, pour into the pan and bake about 30 to 45 minutes. Check this as my oven is a small one and the baking time may be shorter than yours.

Test with toothpick, let cool.

Whip up the heavy cream, sweetened with maple syrup, then spread over the cooled cake. Top with the macerated strawberries and their juices. I split the cake in half then layered it with the cream and berries, but you can skip that part and just make it a one layer cake. Not as many berries this way though!


If you don’t have any buttermilk on hand, just add about 1/2 TBL lemon juice or vinegar to 1/2 cup of milk and let it stand at least 5 minutes at room temperature.


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