Easy Summertime Salads

August 4, 2013 § Leave a comment


It’s summertime and the living is definitely easy. Flowers, birds, warm breezes, ripe peaches, corn on the cob, farmers markets, rum drinks. Cooking in summer, from burgers on the grill, fresh blueberry cake, to ripe berries, herbs and fresh greens, this is what eating healthy is all about.

Now there are always ruby red, ripe tomatoes on my counter. And the fridge is jam packed with all sorts of good stuff, like salads. I usually have 2 or 3 ready for lunch or just as a snack when i come in from the garden.

The key is to think ahead so that you’re basically using leftovers. Make a few extra corn on the cob for dinner then turn it into a cold salad for tomorrow’s lunch. Roast an extra sweet potato and add it to some kale, spinach or other dark leafy green with a few strawberries thrown in. Mix fruit with vegetables and add seeds, nuts or raisins. Super easy!

Here are a few suggestions for you:


That extra corn you cooked last night, cut the kernels off the cob into a deep bowl. Add some cherry tomatoes, slivers of red onion, minced red pepper, lots of fresh basil and dress with olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and lots of pepper. Squeeze with fresh lime.

Grate some carrots, dress with olive oil and lemon juice. Toss well, then add some blueberries, slivered almonds and a good pinch of cumin. Salt and pepper, then squeeze fresh orange juice over it all. Crunchy and easy!


Thinly slice some green cabbage ( I used about half a head) and put in a bowl with a few tablespoons of good mayo. Add slivers of red onion and fennel, 1 green apple, (peeled and thinly sliced ) and drizzle olive oil to coat everything nicely. Toast some sunflower seeds and add, taste for seasoning. Lots of pepper is good!



Good old egg salad: chop the eggs with a knife so the pieces are chunky. Add a few minced pickle slices, then dress with mayo, Dijon mustard, slivers of red onion, some chopped cilantro or dill. Taste for seasoning. Good by itself, on a bed of greens or on a piece of really good bread.

Beets and grapes: peel and grate beets (food processor is good unless you don’t mind stained fingers) Add a handful of red or green grapes, dress with olive oil and fresh orange juice. Top with feta or goat cheese, or even better, ricotta salata (see below) then salt and pepper to taste.

See how easy?



Ricotta salata is a hard, white version of ricotta that has a mildly salty, nutty and milky flavor. It can be shaved or grated over salads, pastas and vegetable dishes.


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